FAQ’s about Home Health Care

Home care purpose is to help you recover in the comfort of your residence through rehabilitation and skilled nursing services. Home care can be instructed by your physician (only with skilled nursing) when it is determined your condition requires you to remain in the home for rehabilitation and healing. Home care is a collaborative effort involving family, physician, and an interdisciplinary home care team. It is a cost-effective alternative to extended hospitalization, rehabilitation, or a nursing home stay. Patients are usually more comfortable in their own home and studies have shown patients recover quicker at home.

The difference between home health and personal home care assistance is the necessity for skilled services providers. Home health care requires experienced services providers that would come from a physician’s order. This would include registered nurses, physical therapy and occupational therapy.

Home care assistance includes unskilled services that are customarily paid for by private pay (insurance doesn’t the resource funds). These services are: help around the house, transportation, bathing, and some light meal preparation.

The services provided by CSA Homecare are not covered through Medicare. Medicaid will cover qualifying individuals. We accept most forms of insurance. Part of the acceptance has to include verification of insurance. CSA Homecare can help answer your financial and insurance questions to determine if the services you need are covered through Medicaid, insurance, or other coverage solutions.

There are also waiver programs provided by the state of Georgia to help the elderly and disabled continue to reside in their homes without resorting to assisted living communities or nursing homes. The waiver programs help with: Emergency Response Systems, Home Health Services, Personal Support, Respite Care, and Service Coordination.

Most people tend to feel independent as they get up in age. Our loved ones assume they have no problems performing daily tasks through injury and illness. If you believe someone could benefit from senior care or home care services the signs that might indicate the need for assistance can be: indications of weight loss or gain, decline in personal health or hygiene, signs of depression, lapses in judgment and memory, decline in the upkeep of the property from cleanliness or food supply.

-Clients can benefit from Home Care if they are

-Recovering from a recent illness, surgery, or hospitalization.

-Recently discharged from a nursing home but need additional care.

-ln need of education regarding your health problem and how to manage your disease effectively.

-Terminally ill and wish to receive end-of-life care in your home.

-ln need of assistance in order to live independently at home and to enhance the quality of life at home.

Transportation services to and from appointments is a necessity and desired service for home care. CSA Homecare can arrange transport services. The more notice that is given will allow for better results. A caregiver can be used on an “as needed” basis or we can set up a schedule to make sure all appointments are made.

We can accommodate those that reside in assisted based facilities. We have to first arrange a meeting with the family for a thorough assessment and develop a care plan. This to understand fully what care services are needed, but also to get a sense of what kind of persona might best match with the client. When this is completed, we will match the person with a caregiver. If at any time you would like to change your caregiver it can easily be done to accommodate the client.

Our agency uses a system that will make sure there are no scheduling conflicts to provide the proper service for our clients. If there is an issue, we will make sure that a replacement is ready to fill in case of conflict. Clients are accurately billed for the hours serviced. We take pride in meeting our standard for excellent service to our clients at CSA Homecare.

If your doctor has prescribed clinical help that would be administered by a registered nurse, physical therapist or occupational therapist, Medicare will pay. Also, while under the care of an in-home clinician, a personal care attendant can be assigned under Medicare coverage for bathing and certain other types of personal care.

Medicare will not pay if you need help with daily activities such as non-prescribed personal care, meal preparation, medication reminders, housekeeping, and other typical senior care services. Insurance plans that cover these services are privately purchased long-term care insurance, and workers’ compensation insurance, in some instances.

CSA Homecare performs a thorough screening on each patient care employee including:

  • Professional license check, if applicable
  • Criminal background check including fingerprinting
  • Driver license check
  • Two business and one personal reference required

All patient care employees are fully licensed or certified, as well as insured, bonded, and CPR-certified. CSA Homecare uses eLearning educational programs to keep our staff continuously learning and updating their skills. Each employee goes through an extensive orientation and training program upon hire and their progress is always monitored.

CSA Homecare is always teaching and updating loved ones on what is being provided from our services. With each visit, the patient is taught in a teach-back method of how to care for themselves. The care plan is made in conjunction with the patient and family and is discussed thoroughly. Our staff ensures the family and patient understand the care that will be provided and how often. Much teaching is done on medications, safety, disease management, emergency procedures, community resources, and nutrition.

An emergency plan is made and thoroughly discussed with the patient and family during the first visit and is posted in the home and included in the care plan. This is reviewed frequently with the patient and family during the course of our care services. An RN is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to handle questions, problems, and concerns.

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